Just because your eyes are in your head

People talk about memory being connected to scent and food being a motivator for everything, but what we fail to acknowledge is that we are visual beings.  We aren’t terrified of bad smells and rarely have any idea what they actually signify without being told, ie Natural gas companies advertising that natural gas is made to smell like rotten eggs. … Details

Common Sense is not, really.

There are a couple of sayings that run through my mind quite often when I’m out and about in the world.  One is a bit obscure as it’s a skit from Kids In The Hall:  A young man is on the sidewalk outside a large apt building with a cymbal and a drum stick repeating over and over again “I’ve lost my Indian drum” *crash*  “I’ve lost my Indian drum” *crash*. … Details

Be specific but don’t be limiting

I’ve heard it said that teachers in mystery schools are intentionally vague and frustratingly non-sensical when it comes to teaching about the Universe and how to be your best self in it.  I’ve experienced that myself and on the one had I understand it because no teacher can give you the experience of doing it for yourself. … Details

Confrontation to Conversation

Confrontation has become a really negative word.  No one wants confrontation.  It’s equated with unnecessary drama, discomfort, awkwardness, and negativity. It’s been associated with anger, fury, and personal attacks, harassment, control, and abuse.   It has become something to be avoided at all costs. … Details

Check yourself and check your sources

There’s such a thing as black humor.  It’s the humor that happens when a situation is grim, stressful, and things have been difficult far too much or too long or too often.  Some people find it inappropriate, but when you’re in the middle of things it can really help create solidarity, relieve tension, and break things up for a moment or two. … Details

Skunk Medicine

To paint things in rather broad strokes, most if not all Native American cultures use animal behavior to teach them about the right way to live.  Coyote’s antics tell us what not to do. Rabbit tells us how to avoid negativity, mouse shows us what happens if we keep our nose too much in our own business and don’t look at the bigger picture that could possibly be swooping down on us, hawk shows us how to soar above the day-to-day etc, etc, etc. … Details

The Disappointments

My life is busy.  Anyone that knows me will tell you the same and call that an understatement.  There are a bazillion things I love to do and I try to fit them all in, plus the things that are good for me, plus there’s all the things about my Spirituality that call me and a job that is amazingly demanding and it all needs to get crammed in there somewhere.… Details