Skunk Medicine

To paint things in rather broad strokes, most if not all Native American cultures use animal behavior to teach them about the right way to live.  Coyote’s antics tell us what not to do. Rabbit tells us how to avoid negativity, mouse shows us what happens if we keep our nose too much in our own business and don’t look at the bigger picture that could possibly be swooping down on us, hawk shows us how to soar above the day-to-day etc, etc, etc. … Details

The Disappointments

My life is busy.  Anyone that knows me will tell you the same and call that an understatement.  There are a bazillion things I love to do and I try to fit them all in, plus the things that are good for me, plus there’s all the things about my Spirituality that call me and a job that is amazingly demanding and it all needs to get crammed in there somewhere.… Details


Everyone has it at some point in their life.  It can be over an interview for a job, going on a first date, bungee jumping, meeting someone who is important to you, skiing downhill, speaking in public, swimming….you name it, it can cause anxiety. … Details

Knowing what you want

I have a friend that’s amazing at this.  She just knows what she wants.  And she can tell you all about it.  All the details are in her head and they change from moment to moment and they sometimes conflict with each other and like a flock of peacocks they all vie for attention as the prettiest, best and most worthy of attention. … Details

Have a little Joy

You would not believe how allergic to joy or even happiness some people are.  I’m constantly amazed by this because, don’t we all want to be happy?  Lord knows I do and therefore I put my energy into doing things and being around people and in situations that support my souls purpose and the happiness and joy that makes my life a good place to be.… Details

Why did this happen to me?

Human beings look for patterns and for meaning in everything. This is our means of being safe since we don’t have claws or amazingly sharp teeth, incredible speed or bulk to keep us out of harms way.  We need to understand why even if it’s just at the level of “why is the remote now working? … Details

The Tantrum Factor

As children a theme in our life is about authority, access, and power over.  Having access to a room in the house so I can call it my own, power over siblings, having authority to make the choice of what to eat or what to do any given day…which all sounds so malevolent, but really its just wanting to be adult. … Details

Out of the Blue

I’m pretty sure every one of us has experienced this:  Life is going along normally, everything seems to be in its rightful place, we’re thinking about the normal things to worry about and to expect, then *WHAM*.  Something happens that completely changes everything and you never saw it coming. … Details

More than the day-to-day

It is easy to let our lives become about the day-to-day.  About getting from here to there, coordinating schedules, keeping track of people and things in our lives, and let all of that dictate how we live our lives.  Let alone other’s expectations of us, the responsibilities we have to jobs, associations, family, etc. … Details