Seeing what we want to see

Once again I’ve been confronted by people who appear to be looking for an answer, but just see what they want to see.  It’s frustrating because you just want to tell them “Stop hitting yourself!  Stop hitting yourself!”.  It’s like they walk into a store expecting to find nothing colored blue. … Details

What’s next?

If you’re stuck in “I have no idea what to do next?”  try doing something completely different.  I once worked in an office where there was an archway into the middle section of the space.  And a great majority of the time, when people walked through the archway they forgot what they had come there for and had to retrace their steps, go do something completely different, to figure out what it was they had needed.… Details

Phoning it in

It’s fair to say that most people do not enjoy the work they do.  Most subsist or do whatever it takes to survive.  It is a modern notion that the majority of people can have ‘fulfilling’ jobs.  And luckily we live in a world where there is the possibility of making that happen. … Details

Removing the obstacles

There are obstacles in life that can’t be changed.  If you’re paraplegic, that’s and obstacle we haven’t figured out how to move yet.  There are a lot of tools that you can use to help you do more things and be less restricted, but the fact is that you won’t be running marathons and no amount of positive thinking will make it so. … Details

I can’t

Rarely do you hear someone say “I can’t” when they are talking about themselves.  “I can’t” is a response phrase.  When someone makes a suggestion, a common response is an immediate “I can’t”.  Which I find interesting, because in about 88% of all cases it’s just not true. … Details